Kove Yoga Studio

An experiential inspiration, from the location overhaul to the brand identity, Kove Yoga was built from the ground up.
Kove Yoga Studio Before Renovation

Studio Space Renovation

Overhauled 1,500 sq. ft. of commercial space, with a handful of contractors, to create the yoga studio space.

Kove Yoga Studio After Renovation

Studio Space Renovation

Two months of demolition, remodeling, permits, and surprises to create a welcoming space that students continue to come back to.

Building the Brand Identity

Creating a Brand Identity

The logo was crafted to hold the word Kove, which means Love, while also symbolizing a sunrise as we are all bodies of light. The color palette is neutral from light to dark to honor all of humanities shades.

Creating Unique Experiences

Experiences that Embody

In an industry of copy-and-repeat practices, each of the programs that I create are uniquely crafted based on personal experience and listening to feedback from students.