adidas presents Goodbye Gravity with Finish Line

Worked on behalf of adidas to produce Journey’s Destination Atlanta with HappyLucky.
goodbye gravity escape room

Escape Room Experience

Finish Line loyalty members and guests are treated to a one-of-a-kind space shuttle escape room experience.

group in the goodbye gravity escape room

Space Shuttle Escape Room

Groups with no more than 8 people are briefed into their mission, with unique roles, that promote collaboration.


AR Touchpoints

AR technology, QR codes, and smartphones are the cornerstone of this mission.

Boostraunaut for the after escape party

Boostronaut Appearance

In fact this suit was checked baggage on my flight, but this amusement park addition was the quintessential cherry on this party cake. 

boost shoe decontrustion

Product Installations

Inspired by space to use on Earth, the Ultraboost 20 Goodbye Gravity running shoes are key to this mission.

boost shoe observation

Space-Inspired Design

Essential to the escape room mission, guests are outfitted in a pair of shoes before embarking.